We provide a full set of advanced features that take the hassle out of email. All of our email services include access to our powerful Web mail client. All of our mailboxes come with Web access from virtually any computer connected to the Internet. Our robust Webmail features include email notification, folders and sub folders, address book, email forwarding, HTML email capability, account status reminder, message search, aliases, and reply addresses.

Full Feature Convenience

We provide plans for individuals and businesses, that is right for you.

Affordable Scalability

Our plans start from a single user Account with 1 GB storage per year and minimum 10 users Account for Companies with 10 GB storage each. For Price & Quotations please contact us.


We provide email reliability and expertise that few companies can build on their own. Our Network provides 99.9% uptime for your business. Our System total Protection provides protection for your business against harmful computer viruses and costly spam.

Product Features

Anti-Virus Protection

Viruses spread through email can cause billions of dollars in lost data and productivity. We have partnered who provide up-to-date virus protection for our users. Virus protection is a standard feature for all our Business Mail customers and is available on an optional per mailbox basis for all other services offerings. 

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Carrier-Class Hardware

Carrier-Class Hardware is in a league of its own. We have an infrastructure that a company is not going to recreate in their enterprise.

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Firewall and Security

Redundant firewalls screen all network traffic. We employ regular monitoring of network ports and firewalls, system access restriction, 24x7 surveillance, and security best practices.

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Full Backups

Full backups with redundant storage for all hosted mailboxes. 

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Use your favorite email program with our POP and IMAP services. POP is great for users on a single computer; all your messages are downloaded to your email program's inbox. IMAP gives incredible flexibility for those who use more than one computer and want to have the latest copy of their email wherever they are. With IMAP, all email is backed up on our servers. Our SMTP services give you access to send email from email software without having to worry about using the network approved SMTP server.

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POP or IMAP: Which Should I Use?

Allows you to use your favorite email software with either POP or IMAP services. This gives you the flexibility of using any of the popular email programs such as Outlook, Entourage, Netscape and many others. IMAP is a newer, more advanced protocol and has some major advantages over POP, for many types of users. You can choose which is right for you.

With IMAP...

Messages and Folders Stay Synched

Access all of your messages and folders no matter where you are or what computer or browser you are using. No more having to manually sync up your laptop before you go on the road.

Messages Stay Safe

Computer crashed? Since IMAP keeps track of your messages on our servers, the next time you log in all your messages will be re-synched automatically.

Lightning Fast Over Slow Connections

wait for messages to show up one by one. IMAP is optimized to display a list of your messages right away.

Space Saver

Retrieve a message only when want to read it. IMAP is great for cell phones, PDAs and other devices where storage is a premium.

Work With Your Messages Off-Line

Like POP, IMAP lets you work with your downloaded messages off-line and will send any new messages as soon as you reconnect. Unlike POP, IMAP will also re-sync any of the changes you made to a message while off-line, including creating and moving messages.

When to choose IMAP...

You check your email with different computers or devices
IMAP lets you keep all of your messages, file attachments and folders in sync, and remembers the condition that you last left them in (read, replied, forwarded, and so on).

You use Web Mail in addition to an email program such as Outlook
IMAP lets you keep all of your messages, file attachments and folders synchronized between Web Mail and your email program.

You use SpamShield Pro
IMAP works with SpamShield Pro so you can filter out junk email before you download the entire message.

You want the peace of mind of having your email backed up
IMAP messages, file attachments and folders archived online are automatically backed up.

You use a slow connection to the Internet
IMAP lets you selectively download messages and file attachments.

You use a computer or device with limited storage space
IMAP lets you store messages and file attachments online and lets you selectively download only the ones that you need.

You use POP and leave messages on the server
IMAP is designed for this scenario; thus, you avoid the pitfalls of leaving messages on the server with POP.

When to choose POP...

You check your email exclusively with one computer

You perform your own email backups

You must use an email program that does not work with IMAP

You used POP before and are satisfied with its limitations

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Secure Data Center

Our service is hosted within a carrier-class data center on an OC-48 backbone, supported 24x7 with highly trained staff and physical protection including redundant HVAC air filtration, water-free fire suppression, UPS power protection, and diesel generator backups.

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Spam Protection

Hate Spam? So do we. To help you filter out any spam that comes to your inbox, we offer two levels of protection. SpamShield Lite and SpamShield Pro. SpamShield Lite automatically blocks email from senders who send bulk mail that is harmful to our system. SpamShield Pro includes all the benefits of SpamShield Lite in addition to personalized options that keep even more spam out of your inbox. SpamShield Pro works with our POP and IMAP services allowing you to see your spam folder without having to log in to your Web Mail. 

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All mailboxes come with ample storage to start and are easily upgradeable on a per mailbox basis. If you or your associates depend on email for business, sign up for our Business Mail solution that gives each user a generous 10 GB mailbox.

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